Sharon’s training as a teacher in a variety of settings has allowed her to create fun and high-energy workshops. She skillfully breaks down movements to make belly dancing accessible both to people who have never danced before as well as dancers of all levels.  Sharon has taught classes and workshops to hundreds of people.

While Sharon will custom design a workshop to meet the needs of your group. She is also available for private instruction.

"Sharon is a fabulous teacher. She has a talent for breaking down every movement to make it accessible to even the most novice dancer. Her group classes and private lessons are always fantastic. Sharon simultaneously creates a nurturing safe environment and challenges her students to get in touch with their bodies and learn the art of this beautiful dance."  -Terry, Santa Cruz, CA

Different workshops Sharon teaches include:

  • belly dancing basics: A fun introduction to belly dancing movement for any group.
  • belly dancing stylization: In this workshop for advanced beginner and intermediate dancers, the focus is on the small nuances of performing that can bring a dancer’s performance to the next level.
  • belly dancing for teens: While  teaching the dance form, Sharon supports teens in improving self-esteem, deconstructing cultural ideas of beauty, and learning to love and feel comfortable in their bodies.
  • belly dancing as a path to teamwork: This workshop is designed for teams that work together.  Combing her extensive training in leadership development and team-building, in this workshop Sharon uses dancing together as a metaphor for leadership and teamwork.